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Upper Deck Authenticated Memorabilia / Marketing 101

Authenticated Memorabilia Marketing Tips

Successfully marketing and managing inventories on sports collectibles can be a difficult task. Below are some tips on how to effectively do so.

Managing Inventory Tip 1
Managing Your Inventory:
"Managing your inventory is a vital key in running an organized business. Inventory control may seem to be a basic strategy but staying on top of this process can save you money."

Tip 2
Find Memorabilia Collectors:
"Locating memorabilia collectors can sometimes be difficult. Advertising in your local newspapers or trade magazines can reach a broader array of potential customers. Also, adding "Memorabilia" or "Collectibles" to your store name will signify what you have to offer."

UDA Catalog Tip 3
Using Upper Deck Authenticated Catalogs:
"A very easy way to promote memorabilia products is to have UDA catalogs readily available for your customers. Shop counters and display units are a great place for people to be able to browse through catalogs while shopping."

Tip 4
Promote Exclusive Signature Program:
"The Exclusive Signature Program can build your customer database. Showing that your business has the accessibility to Upper Deck's core exclusive athletes can build on business character, which in turn can lead to more sales."

Tip 5
In Store Promotions:
"The general thought is: increased store traffic equals increased sales. A great method to generate more customer flow is to have in-store promotions. Examples include: in-store signings, raffles, and special giveaways. Having a high number of people in your store can be very beneficial to sales of memorabilia and other products."

National Tradeshow Booth Tip 6
Expanding Your Product Line:
Upper Deck Authenticated doesn't just provide the top of the line memorabilia; we also carry collectibles that can enhance your shelf space. UDA offers die-cast, figurines, box sets, and unsigned items. The marketplace for Memorabilia is large; by expanding your product line into new areas it will attract new business.

If you have ideas and tips you would like to share that have worked in your shop, please let us know about them by e-mailing us at